The Church in the Valley Shetland

Making the Light of Christ Shine in the Darkness

Reflections from Shetland

 Jn. 15:13. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends

 We Will Remember.

Today is the day that we gratefully acknowledge the ending, 100 years ago, of the 1st World War, a horrific and cruel war which resulted in millions of brave service men and women laying down their lives for the future safety and freedom of their loved ones and their countrymen and as we do we remember too, all those who gave their all in subsequent wars and conflicts and with heartfelt gratitude, at 11.00 am this morning, the 11th hour of the 11th month, - in silent reflection, we remembered them.

 Long ago, in a far off place called Calvary, our spiritual safety and freedom was also won at great cost when Jesus sacrificed his life for us, enduring the agony of scourging and the horror of crucifixion.

 On that Cross, He sacrificed all, so that we might know and enjoy a freedom that without that sacrifice would not have been possible and he did it willingly in order to show us just how much the Father loves us, because it wasn’t the nails which held him on that cross, but a love which is beyond our imagination

 It is very fitting today and on every Remembrance Sunday, that we honour those service men and women who secured for us the freedoms which we enjoy today but, Lest We Forget our Lord’s sacrifice, may we take time often in our busy lives to spend a few minutes in silent reflection Remembering the One who gave His all for us.

Our freedom is in Christ - His sacrifice brought victory 

We Will Remember.


Lord Jesus how can we ever thank you for your ultimate sacrifice for us. We stand in awe of your amazing love for us and we willingly offer our lives now in your service. Thank you Jesus. Amen