The Church in the Valley Shetland

Making the Light of Christ Shine in the Darkness


Some of the Singers and Musician who join us.

Burra Baptist Singing Group  singing for us 

at our first  service in the Trondra Hall.

                          Burra Baptist Music Groupf

Johnny and Ann

                          Singers at our CIV Meeting August 2016

Elizabeth and Friends

Elizabeth and Friends  

The North Ness Boys

CIV Service 8th Jan 2017

Peter and Friends

Peter and Friends


Our Sister Church The Potters House 

Their Visit in 2014

Meet and Greet

Potters House Arrive

A Fellowship Meal 

A Meal Together

Church in the Valley Shared Service

Joint Service

Alan and Mark with the Fellowship Cake

A cake made specially for the meeting.


Our First Service at Trondra

3rd July 2016

Firsgt Service at Trondra

Church in the Valley Trondra