The Church in the Valley Shetland

Making the Light of Christ Shine in the Darkness

Prayer Corner

We’ve been asked to pray for the following people, their identities are known to God.

Two ladies from our Church family have asked us to remember their husbands (both named Jim) in our prayers. Both Jims' have health concerns at present. We pray for God's healing hand and His strengthening arm on all of their lives.

Marjory the mother of a dear sister in Christ who is living with her cancer condition and Howard our sisters brother-in-law who is dealing with the diagnosis of leukaemia. Both stay positive and are strengthened by the prayers of their physical and spiritual family around them. Please pray for them.

The Burra Baptist fellowship would dearly value your prayers this year as they are earnestly seeking Gods guidance in appointing a new Pastor following Derek's impending retirement.

Please pray for Francis who is having heart problems.

Pray for Mila in Northern Ireland who has been diagnosed with a growth on her hips which are displaced. She is a small baby and she is going to have to have surgery.

We've been asked to remember Derek in our private and shared prayers. We do pray that in the days ahead Derek will be treated successfully and make a full recovery from his eye problem.

Francis, star home baker and organiser for our sister Church 'The Potters House Fellowship' in Northern Ireland, is experiencing difficult family circumstances a the moment. Please help us to offer her prayer support for a speedy and satisfactory solution.

Please join us in lifting Eunice in our hearts of prayer, asking our Heavenly Father to gather this Godly woman into His Loving and Comforting arms. Lord grant her your balm of peace and comfort.

Anna, a much loved member of our Trondra Christian Family, sadly for us but joyously for her, is now at home with her Heavenly Father.

We have hearts of love and concern for our friend Louise as Doctors try to get to the root of her troubling symptoms, Lord guide the Doctors and specialists towards a speedy diagnosis and pathway to full recovery. 

Our friends Grace and Kenny are bravely facing recurring health issues and continue to find their strength and peace in our Lord. Please pray with us for them.

Pray for a friend in a coma after an accident

Thelma is struggling again with pain and mobility difficulties. Lord grant her your healing touch and your Spirit of comfort.

Please join us in praying for Teenie Harcus's mum Cathleen, Lord uphold and strengthen all who love her during this time of change.

We thank you Lord that Joan is now back in fellowship with us.

Please pray for 'E' having been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and undergoing further tests.

We thank our loving Heavenly Father that J is safely home and continues to recover well.

We give you praise and heartfelt thanks that Lorna is well enough to be back among us and making music again to your Glory. Lord she delights to serve you, we continue to pray that she will gain strength over the coming weeks and months.

Pray for Keith and his family as he's been recently diagnosed with cancer in his bones and spine.

Pray for Nigel, Chris and the Family as they continue to live with  the reality of Nigel's diagnosis of Motor Neuron Disease. Pray that they remain strong in their Christian faith. 

Pray for D who is going through a difficult and anxious time, Lord let that deep peace of the Lord Jesus be a reality in D's life, let D see past the difficulties and anxieties and see the solution - Jesus! 

We truly thank our ever caring heavenly father, who hears our prayers, that Francis is now free of head-pain however she has another health issue for which she has asked for prayer, lets pray her better this time too.

Pray for Brian and Janet who are experiencing age related health problems. Pray that they will continue to know the deep love and peace of Jesus as they face each day.    

'Mick & Grace' Please pray that our ever loving and faithful God will, always and ever, be the Lamp to their feet and the Light for their path.

Father our prayer is that you would meet with all of these people at that point of deepest need in their lives, and that you would, just touch their lives in such a way as to take away any fears for the future.

If you need prayer for either yourself or someone else please use the form below. If you wish to remain anonymous then we'd advise the use of a created name. The email address and telephone number are not necessary for the completion of the form.